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Memorial created 06-19-2008 by
Bonnie Elsey
Curtis Matthew Elsey
July 21 1988 - July 14 2007

Wreck Site

This is the site of the wreck, Curtis' brother Anthony carved and installed a cross, about 5' tall.  It's about 1/4 mile from our home, where Curtis lived all his life.  He knew the road, road his bike there, road his 4 wheeler on that road for about 5 years.  There is a curve there, you can't see oncoming traffic. 


This is Curtis' headstone.  Curtis loved to fish and hunt.  He liked white baseball caps and white kicks, therefore the white roses.  I believe those roses also commemorate  "true love". Curtis lays in the family plot with his grandpa Bruce and gramma Oca at McBroom Cemetary, Huntsville, Arkansas


This is the foot stone at the cemtary.


This is how the wreck site looks now, there is a marker and anyone can write on the back of the heart.


This is my tatoo (Curtis' mom).  This is the way Curtis wrote his name, his cursive writing, you could not read.  I'm 57 years old, if anyone would have told me that I would someday get a tat, I would have told them they were crazy, that I would never do that.  Now everything is different, everything.


This is Anthony's tat, Curtis' brother, he was 22 when he lost his brother/best friend.


This is Curtis' friend Josh, his tat is taken from the Pottawatomi Nation Seal, Curtis is Pottawatomi indian, "the people of the fire", and also cherokee.


These are some Curtis' best friends. They have all stood beside us this year and it has meant a lot, we love you guys.


This is a before picture of Curtis' memorial garden, I will post an after picture later.  It is a work in progress, I have so many ideas.


This is Curtis' wall in the living room.  This is only some of the pictures that are all over the house.


This is Curtis' cutlass, he had not had it very long.  He had the insurance that would pay it off if something happened to him.  We drive it almost every day.


Curtis' Cutlass


This is the bumper sticker on my explorer.



The pastor's wife, Dana, read this during Curtis' service.

Curtis spent all of his growing up years across Vaughan Branch from my Mom and Dad's house.  He loved to swim and fish in Brush Creek, whick ran in the opposite direction from Vaughan Branch behind their house.  Often when he would go fishing, my Dad would go sit with him and it gave Dad someone to talk to .

On August 2, 2004 when my Dad took his last tractor ride, it was young Curtis who was only sixteen at the time who saw him go up the hill and come back down with the tractor out of control.  It was Curtis who ran as fast as he could to check on Dad when the tractor veered off the road and flipped upside down in the dry creek bed.  He was able to provide information to us that was very helpful regarding the tragic event.  Curtis was a good boy who enjoyed fishing, hunting, swimming and four wheeling.  He made his Mom and Dad very proud.

Remember Me

Remember me in the spring when the fish bite and the birds sing down on Brush Creek.

Remember me in the summer days as I rode my four wheeler many ways in the fields down by Brush Creek.

Remember me in the fall as you hear the deer woods call down by Brush Creek.

Remember me when the new fallen snow is on the trees with its brilliamt glow down by Brush Creek.

But most of all, remember each day--right from the start, I will be forever near, for I will always live within your heart.

Dana Bell 2007



Curtis' neice wrote this poem for him.


Another of Whitney's poems.


Curtis loved to fish more than anything, this is his boat.


Anthony's fiance had this written in the sand for us in Australia.


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